English Theatre webThe bilingual groups of first and second of ESO have gone to the theatre to see Charles Dickens's:” A Christmas Carol” in November.

They were accompanied by three teacher chaperones.

The students had a great time. They had previously read the play at home and in class and therefore, it  was easy for them to understand the live play.

This is a good way to learn English without realizing it and to have a different contact with the language.


Students´ comments:

•    “I like all the actors speaking in a good English, the costumes were beautiful, the scenery was simple-but beautiful and I loved the music too.” (Irene Martínez)

•    “The actors were very good, but the scenery was a bit poor” (Pablo Cortés)

•    “I didn´t like when the little boy died-Tiny Tim-“ (Mireya García)

•    “ I agreed with Fanny: People are more important than money”and”Our actions have got consequencies…” (Lucía M. González)

•    I liked more the play that we have seen last year: ”Low Cost” (Cristina Rodríguez)

•    “The music wasn´t very good, only when Lady Gaga appeared…”(Jesús García and Lidia González)

•    “I liked specially when Mr Scrooge understood the meaning of Christmas”(Ana Cristina and Beatriz Serrano)

•    “It has been really good” (Óscar)

•    “The actors changed their costumes quickly” (Alan Martínez)


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